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We increase traffic to clients' websites while increasing conversion rates .

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How do we do it?

Increasing sales online is really not that complicated once you break it down:

1) A high converting website - There's no point in driving visitors to your website if no one buys. We are conversion experts. We understand how to bring a visitor to your site and turn them into a buyer.

2) Driving traffic with buyer intent - Driving clicks to a website is easy. Driving quality clicks with high buyer intent, not so easy. We don't focus on vanity metrics like a ton of clicks which don't turn into purchases. We focus on clicks from buyers who will already by interested in your products.

3) Upselling your customers - This is where most businesses miss the most important aspect of their business. It is imperative to upsell products over and over to increase your customers life time value (LTV). If you're selling a product for $100 only one time vs. your competitor who sells that product 4 more times ($400) who is going to win? Its obvious. The higher your customers life time value, the more you can spend to acquire a customer through ads. One thing is for sure. The cost to acquire a customer has went up and there is no sign in sight rising costs will stop. This means business owners must learn how to sell more products to their customers. Trying to acquire customers cheaper is what most business owners try to do only to fail. As they say "it is what it is" which is true for the cost of a click from google or facebook for example. We can't change that. What we can do though is turn your average customer from a $100 avewrage life time value to $500. That is the real solution, not trying to "hack" the system and exploit short term traffic opportunities.

It Works.

With the right processes in place, its possible to grow your business fast while remaining extremely profitable.
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When preparation meets opportunity.

$59k days are possible. Planting seeds, being in place before the competition. This is where the real money is made.
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What Methods Do We Use?

1) Press Releases
2) Google Ads
3) Google Search Marketing
4) Remarketing Ads

Press Releases

Getting traffic to your website has little to no use if it doesn't turn into sales. Customers online are skeptical to make purchases from new websites and for good reason. What we offer is an opportunity to solve this trust issue which can increase conversion rates up to 48%. You're able to proudly display "Ase seen on" major news publications like NBC, FOX, CBS & ABC. This builds instant credibility with new website visitors.

Guaranteed Publishing to Major Media Sources

We offer guaranteed publishing to 100+ Sites including affiliates of NBC, FOX, CBS, & ABC.

10 Million Monthly Visitors

Some of these sites receive over 10 million monthly visits. As a result, getting your content published on our network is a terrific method to increase brand awareness, obtain hundreds of back links to your website for SEO, & build significan't trust in your marketplace, increasing conversions.

Get "As Seen On"

Google Ads

Google Ads can be one of the best ways to grow your business regardless of your niche. Many try, most fail. Google Ads have been around for a very long time. Back in the day you were able to pop up some ads and make things profitable. Now you have the most experienced, brightest marketers with 10+ years running ads as your competition. Its critical somsone highly experienced are running your ads. After all, they're the ones spending YOUR hard earned marketing dollars.

(actual client results below) 1,048.54% Return on Adspend

As you see above our client is acheiving a 1,048.54% return on adspend for an entire year. The interesting part is that its actually much higher. This Return on Adspend is just on the first sale. From here we continue to sell the customer over and over for years to come. In fact, if you need to be profitable on the first sale, you're going to have major problems growing a business. The first sale should be just to establish trust, get your product to your new customer then eventually sell them more expensive products over and over. Our client above has nearly a 2,000% Return on Adspend because this $20,600 adspend which turned into $216,000 on first time customer sales.... has turned into over $430,000 within a year (upselling these new customers). Its best not depend on being profitable on the first sale. While its very possible (as shown here) a first time sale should be viewed as an opportunity to break even giving you the opportunity to re-sell products to this customer for years to come.

Google Search Marketing (SEO)

SEO... one of the most misunderstood, misused terms in all marketing. In addition, most business owners have tried and failed to rank their website to the top of google, leaving a bad taste in their mouth. The truth is, its the best form of traffic on the planet. When done correctly, visitors have the highest buying intent possible. Consumers are literally typing in terms looking for your products. We are experts in Google Search Engine Marketing.

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Remarketing Ads

Remarketing Ads. When someone visits your website, then leaves- you can follow them around with ads. Remarketing ads are critical to run a successful online business in today's environment. Lets go over a situation.

(remarketing ads below with results)

Imagine soneone finds your website, they're browsing around but then their wife or husband says dinner is ready. They click out. They are gone forever. It took so much to get them there and within just one click they will never visit your website again.

It gets worse- they're probably doing searches all over the Internet (research) and guess what your competition is doing? They are following them around and you're not.

You literally just primed the pump for your competitors and now you are GONE. Sounds terrible right? It is, which is why you must have these re-marketing ads setup.

Most consumers are NOT in buying mode when they find you, they are looking at other options, you need to be there front and center days, weeks, months after.

Google Platform. Google places ads on nearly all websites you visit, it reaches over 90% of Internet users worldwide. This is the primary focus as it has so much reach. You probably see banners when you are browsing your favorite websites, your banners will appear there.

Additional places you can follow users around:

The best part is you can do this at relatively no cost. These ads are not like traditional advertising. These ads are free until someone clicks them and the cost is typically between 50c-$1.50 per click. Remember, these are not random clicks, these are visitors who already showed up to your website, these clicks back have a VERY HIGH conversion rate into filling out a form or calling your business.

What is that visitor worth that came to your website and left? What if you could follow them around, and get them BACK to your site for .50c and turn them into a lifelong customer?

Well, you can and many are, some of your competitors. If you're wondering why your sales are slowly decreasing, this can be one of the reasons. Below we will list the different types of control we have over remarketing ads.

Frequency- We can control how many times the same person sees your banners. If you want to be aggressive, we can, if you only want to show your banners a few times to one person, we can do that as well.

Locations- We do not have to follow around everyone who visits your website. If someone in a different state comes to your website for whatever reason, you may not want to follow them around. We can target based off the location of previous website visitors.

Duration- We can adjust how long your banners follows around a user once they leave your website. If you want to follow them around for 30 days then stop, that's possible. With google its possible to follow around web visitors for up to 540 days, Facebook/Instagram is 180 days.

We hope this article has been educational, there is a lot more info that can't be covered in one page. Our goal is to show what is possible with your business in the current advertising climate! B2B Lead Generation Services.

Here's what some of our clients are saying :

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"Ive probably tripled my business since working with Feature My Brand"

"Once we started marketing things exploded, these calls have been consumers ready to move forward. They also helped me put together a really unique approach, working with realtors which i thought was very smart and somehow never thought of myself."


"In 2020 we did an additional 30% in revenue from Feature My Brand"

"In 2020 we did an additional 30% in revenue from Feature My Brand. We started working with Feature My Brand two years ago and saw growth from the start. I was able to buy a new home and car in 2020 from the success I had, I would highly recommend them."


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